Artist interview with Stephanie Shaw

On the 22nd June, PAPERS magazine Editor, Daisy Strang, went down to Rogue Studios to see one of the Nine Tracing PAPER Artists in Residency, Stephanie Shaw. Stephanie has a studio on the third floor at Rogue Studios and she is currently working towards Tracing PAPERS Group show which starts on the 6th June until 18th July. Daisy Strang catches up with Stephanie in a brief chat about what she has been doing recently.

I’m sat here with Stephanie in her Studio Space at Rogue Studios just off Store Street. Stephanies space has its walls covered in her work, which includes painted wooden board, smashed up plates and hand made paper dialogues. Stephanie’s work is undeniably best viewed as a collection.

Wall Space Collection

Talk me through what you have been doing recently..

I have been making lots of collages and paintings. I tend to work on several things at the same time. Some will be framed and hung, and some go into handmade zines. I find these are a good way to tie everything together. I have also been experimenting with 3D things. What is the process in which you develop your work? How do you start a fresh piece? I tend to work quite quickly and generate a lot of things. My work is almost always informed by pre-existing imagery or objects, it could be the colours or composition that draws me to it. Whether they’re predominantly collage or painting I am still working in the same process-led way, balancing composition and colours to create tension. Sometimes I try to be as minimal with it as possible; it’s as much about taking away as it is adding, and I’m interested in how I can reduce things to the essence of what they are.

What is it you like about the materials you choose?

I use all sorts of materials, from found objects and imagery to oil paint. It’s more about what the combination of these can produce than any one individually, how they can be manipulated to become more than the sum of their parts.

Wall Space Collection

What is it thats inspiring you at the moment? Where do you look for inspiration?

The books (oldish, non-fiction ones) and my own photos I use for source material are often the things that inspire me most. Its usually something off-kilter that I find interesting…weird colour combinations and strange perspectives

Stephanie's DeskStephanie will be exhibiting her work at PAPER Gallery from the 6th June until 18th July along with eight other Tracing PAPER Artists in Residence. To see more of Stephanie’s work visit


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