Maja Lorkowska – An Introduction

We catch up with Maja Lorkowska as her Degree Show comes to a close.

Maja Lorkowska has been working on PAPER’s magazine since 2013 working with our artists to create interviews and reviews of our shows. As one of the 23 artists graduating from Liverpool John Moores BA Fine Art Degree this summer Maja recently exhibited her work in the University’s galleries and now the tables have turned as we get the opportunity to introduce you to her work. 


Situated immediately to your left when you enter the last Gallery at LJMU, Lorkowska’s work combines a collection of photographs with an installation. The monochromatic photographs show vertical backdrops of white paper with details of furniture, sitting in front of them, drawn in charcoal. These images are particularly reminiscent of Joseph Kosuth’s One and Three Chairs (1965) and contrast to the remainder, which feature various female body parts wrapped in string and restricting the individual’s movement.


Maja explains how the title “Stockholm Syndrome” Series’ which is a situation whereby a victim on kidnap experiences admiration for their kidnapper, reflects the restriction and suffocating feeling that she communicates through these images and how we can become victims of ourselves. Within the installation sits two of five photographs, Lorkowska laced the corner of two walls in black fabric and continued to use the string used within the imagery to draw your eye out into the space, along the lines of a chair, light bulb, and back into her photographs again.

Maja will continue her studies next year at LJMU on the Masters in Research in Art and Design Programme and is a regular contributor to The Double Negative online arts magazine.

Rachel Wrigley


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