PAPER #7: Performing Paper


For one night prior to the upcoming exhibition, PAPER will be transformed into a show space where a variety of performances will take place.
PAPER director Nicola Smith has invited artists and selected works in response to the theme of Performing Paper.

“Live art and performance artists have rejected the art object in favour of using the body as material. Documentation of the performance can become another way for the work to exist, on a flat surface, beyond the act itself. This show mixes different artistic practices, which use a variety of performance actions such as reading, speaking, cutting, pushing, displaying, collecting, and mapping. All of these actions use paper as a point of departure.”

ARTISTS: Taneesha Ahmed / Amelia Beavis-Harrison / Alice Bradshaw / Philip Davenport / Tim Etchells / Anna Francis / Andrew Groves / Martin Hamblen / Keeley Love / Anna Puhakka / Roshana Rubin-Mayhew / Faye Scott-Farrington / Nicola Smith / Dave Stephens / Louise Woodcock & Neil Francis / Simon Woolham

Private View, Thursday 20 June, 6pm–9pm with Live Performances

Exhibition Dates: 22 June–3 August 2013
Opening Times: Saturdays 11–5pm




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